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Getting Started with SkyCity Online Casino

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skycity casino

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SkyCity Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Guide

On your homepage go to the deposit icon and choose your preferential payment method. There are many different payment methods available, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. Once you have selected a payment method, you will need to enter your deposit amount. After entering your deposit amount, you will be able to see the total amount of money in your account. Accordingly, withdrawing funds from SkyCity Casino is relatively simple. The first thing you need to do is log in to your account and, click on the “My Account” tab at the top of the page. From there, click on the “Withdraw” tab.

Enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw from your account into the “Amount” field. Then, select your preferred withdrawal method from the “Withdrawal Method” drop-down menu. Finally, click on the “Withdraw” button to initiate the withdrawal process. Once you’ve clicked on the “Withdraw” button, your withdrawal will be processed and the funds will be transferred to your chosen withdrawal method within 24-48 hours. However if you encounter any technicality while playing in any of the games, depositing or withdrawing money from your account, you can contact the support team.

SkyCity Casino Customer Support

SkyCity Casino has a reliable support team that will get on you as soon as possible. However, there are some tips for improving your chances of getting a quick response. One of the ways is to contact customer support at SkyCity Casino is through the live chat function. This can be found on the website, and all you need to do is click on the “live chat” button to start a conversation with one of their representatives. The company recommends using this method if your issue is urgent, as it is the quickest way to get a response. If your issue is not urgent, or if you would prefer to use a different method of communication, you can also contact them by email. Simply send your question or concern to [email protected] and our the team will get back to you as soon as possible. The team generally responds to emails within 24 hours, but depending on the nature of your inquiry, it may take longer.

We hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to get started at SkyCity Online Casino. You will get to enjoy the best deals playing your favorite casino games and get to enjoy exclusive bonuses. Also if you are local to Auckland, check out our guide to visiting SkyCity casino here.

A Guide to Skycity Casino: What you need to know

A review on Skycity casino

Skycity Casino is a brand new online gaming destination released in July 2017. When it first launched, it was available in just a handful of countries, but now it has expanded to cover over 100 countries, and millions of players trust the site. You can play several different casino games on the site, including slots, table games, and video poker. If you’re looking for a site with a wide array of different games, Skycity is worth your time. Skycity is different. It’s a brand new casino that has been around for less than a year, and it has already grown to be one of the top online casinos in the world.

Its portfolio includes “online casino” or “live casino,” but they also offer Table Games including Live Casino – playing against other players at a gaming table where real chips are used; Roulette 3D – VEGAS STRIP style gambling game with a virtual wheel spinning on the computer screen; Slot Machines – a variety of slot machines can be played by using coins you deposit into your account to gamble on winning combinations that pay off when matched by symbols displayed on the reels (e.g., Jackpot Party) and get multiple games wins in the process.
There are also scratch games, including a few classic games like Snake Eyes and Double Up. There are over 100 slots and 40 scratch cards that you can play with.
Blocks of gameplay will allow you to unlock new game features after you meet the requirements, which lead to higher payouts, progressive jackpots, and rewards for loyal players.


Slots include All-in Baccarat; Blackjack (Vegas Strip); Cake Shop; Cosmic Cat; Dragon Spin; Double Jackpot Party; Fast Cash; Fruit Frenzy 2; Garden of Riches (Closed); Gold Coast (Closed); Gold Rush Slot Tournament; Lucky 7; Magic Boxes; Money Mania; Slots Tourney – every day at 1 pm and 3 pm GMT (4 pm – 5:00 pm EST); Three Stooges; Triple Diamonds; Ultra Hot Deluxe; Vegas Strip Blackjack and Wild Life.

Slots games offer you the chance to win big. Deposit at least $10 and receive bonuses. The biggest jackpots are found on progressive slots. Wager at least $10 and play with real money to play the premium games. These slots are available to players only who have made a deposit and earned their first level of loyalty points, which is called “Tier Points.”

Scratch Cards

These include 3 Card Cash; Acey Deucey; All American; Bank Job; Blackjack (Vegas); Double Exposure; Gladiators; Lucky Seven; Money Rain; Multi-Action; Roulette (Vegas Strip); Roulette Royale; Super Six; The Big Deal and Viva Las Vegas.

A digital scratch card or a “scratchie” is a small square piece of cardboard with an area coated with a material that can be scratched off by the player, revealing what is underneath, often revealing a prize that can range from cash prizes, merchandise, or tickets. You can win up to $500,000 in cash.
Video Poker Video Poker includes Aces & Faces; Double Joker; Jacks or Better – Play like in a real casino!; Lucky Ladies; Multi-Strike Super Jackpot Party; Pharaohs Fortune; Poker Royalty; and Tens or Better.

Personalized Card Game You can join other players worldwide and play cards with them, chat and interact with them. The games include Texas Hold ’em’ Poker (Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit) and Omaha Holdem. Tournaments are held up to $2000 daily! Blackjack (Vegas Strip) The live dealers will greet you with big smiles and are ready to deal with fast-paced Blackjack action. Live Baccarat – Try your hand at sophisticated Baccarat online against live dealers. The game is offered in $5, $10, and $25 denominations. Live Roulette – Take a spin with the live casino dealers. Live Online Roulette offers the thrill and excitement of the table games without ever leaving your home!

Skycity Casino Opening Hours

The Skycity Casino is open every day of the week and has a variety of activities available, so it’s easy to spend your whole day there. From 9 am to 1 am, you can enjoy live music and DJs in the casino or see one of the four restaurants inside the building. The casino is also open from 3 pm-3 am for the late-night crowd and from 11 am-1 am for those looking for something lighter. These hours are usually followed by live sporting events such as rugby and horse racing, but check their website to ensure they’re hosting an event.

Skycity Casino Dress Code Policy

The Skycity Casino has a Dress Code policy to ensure that every visitor wears appropriate attire. The dress code policy says that all men must wear long pants and closed shoes, while women must wear a maxi skirt, mid-length trousers or slacks, and closed shoes. The dress code policy at the Skycity Casino is pretty simple: no thongs or nude-coloured underwear under dresses or skirts/pants.

For women who want to wear a dress, a knee-length skirt with sleeves is recommended. Men are allowed to wear shorts as long as they’re short-legged and not skimpy.
The dress code policy at this casino isn’t restrictive; it just tries to keep things classy. As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be able to fit right in without any issues! If you aren’t sure if your outfit meets the dress code, you can check out the dress code policy on their website.

Skycity Casino Activities and Events

SkyCity is one of the popular casinos in New Zealand, which welcomes you with various exciting games and activities. It plays host to a large number of locals and attracts many international visitors. From live music cooking classes to fashion shows and more, you’re sure to find something fun! They offer movie screenings, karaoke events as well as karting. The casino even has a pool table room where players can enjoy billiards over poker or blackjack games while playing the best online slots with no download required whatsoever on their mobile device during the day or night.

SkyCity also provides entertainment packages which include free entry into all their restaurants – including KFC, Kiwiana Restaurant & Bar (with weekly country nights), which has a wide range of food options from steaks to sushi and pasta dishes as well as a diverse range of beverages like wine, beer, and cocktails and Pulse Café & Nightclub catering for those who want an evening out with friends without having to spend too much money!

Fun Activities To Do In Auckland


Auckland is the city of wonders. If you are not including Auckland in your itinerary of vacationing in New Zealand, you are missing the opportunity of a lifetime. This is why we have created a list of fun activities that you can do in Auckland to make your time spent here splendid.

The Collection of Māori Taonga articles

The Auckland War Memorial Museum houses more than 1000 taonga treasures and articles. It is the largest collection of taonga artefacts in the world. The collection includes small precious items and an original meeting house which is known as Marae in the Taonga language. It is made on a canoe or Waka. This has been a centre of attraction for people for a long time as it gives a deep insight into the indigenous Māori tribe.


World’s largest exhibit on the penguin colony

Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium boasts of housing a penguin colony. The aquarium houses exotic sea creatures. It exhibits a display of Spiny Sea Dragons and the largest species of stingray which is one of its kinds in the world. Do not miss the underwater aquarium of colourful fish to make your day. You can also watch sharks feeding if you reach there at lunchtime.

Explore the Rotorua Island

Rotorua island once served as a private rehabilitation centre. It was made accessible to the public after 100 years in the year 2005. It has an exhibition centre and a museum, an old chapel of historical heritage, and a jailhouse. The island’s white-sand beaches are mesmeric and it is a euphoric experience to walk on them barefoot while the ocean water gushed at your feet with every approaching tide. You may also indulge in a game of hiding and seek in the bushes.

Visit Riverhead- New Zealand’s oldest riverside bar

You may go on the trial of early Maori settlers who started using ferries to reach the Riverhead. It is a historical landmark for New Zealanders. This riverside tavern is accessible to the public and serves delectable food. You may enjoy the broth while enjoying the water. The tavern has an oak tree where you can enjoy the summer breeze and imbibe nature’s vibes. Many people like to get warm in the bonfire under the old oak on wintery nights.

Visit the Dark Sky Sanctuary

The Great Barrier Island is the epitome of nature’s bounty and beauty. The scenic sight of the landscape is a treat for the eye and soul. It is also privileged to be included as the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary. Ten other locations are also identified in the list. IDA Dark Statuary is a private or public island that has an exceptional starry night and an enjoyable nocturnal environment. Stargazers visit the island to watch the night sky lit up with stars and celestial bodies.

Fun Activities To Do At Skycity Casino

The City of Auckland has six casinos and the first casino started here in 1994. One of the most prestigious casinos in Auckland is SkyCity casino which is housed in the splendid SkyCity Entertainment Complex. The casino offers a magnificent ambience, myriad casino games, sumptuous food, high-end liquor, and myriad table games.
SkyCity claims to have all the casino games that one can possibly imagine. They have over 2100 gaming machines and over 150 tables games. Their responsible hosting allows you to play on the level of your choice. However, a person must be 20 years of age to enter and play.

Table Games

The casino offers a plethora of games including good old classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. The website of the casino has a guide for each classic play for new players. If you are new, the table games staff will assist you to understand what you did not understand about the game.

VIP Gaming

VIP Gaming

SkyCity has a gaming zone exclusively for VIPs. They offer Platinum rewards and VIP Black Programs for club members. The members of the club can play in the reserved area and enjoy other complimentary services. They have dealers who speak different tongues to accommodate players from around the world.


Eight is one of their clubs for playing table games. It is only accessible to the club members. All the 150 table games can be played by the members in privacy and you may also relax and play in comfort. However, access to the elite playground is granted through invitation only.

The Baccarat Room

Baccarat Room

You can reach the Baccarat room by taking the escalator from the Main Casino Floor to enter the enthralling realm of SkyCity’s ultimate Baccarat. The atmosphere is lively and zealous with 20 baccarat tables. Anyone visiting the SkyCity casino can access the Baccarat room along with its exclusive bar, open smoking area and cashiers.

Services and Benefits

You also get the following services while playing Baccarat here, an exclusive gaming area for baccarat players that features: –

• 24-hour gaming facilities
• No requirement of dress codes
• Over 20 baccarat tables
• Dedicated in-room hosts
• At SkyCity, the gusts receive a world-class environment for their enjoyment. They maintain world-class standards with a neat ambience at all times.
Restrictions and rules to be observed by guests
All the guests are prohibited from wearing: –
• Torn and distressed clothing only exception being fashionably distressed items
• Dirty and smelly clothing or footwear
• Janitorial or security services clothing
• Men are prohibited from wearing sleeveless clothes
• All guests are prohibited from wearing clothes identifying with any gang
• Clothes bearing signs, symbols, etc.
• Headgear or caps except for religious purposes. They can be worn in the poker room.
• Sunglasses except for a medical reason. They can be worn in the poker room
• A person should have completed 20 years of age to gamble.

SkyCity takes all the measures to ensure the safety of all its guests. They also reserve the right to evict the guests from their property if they are found indulging in any illegal or inappropriate activity.

What are AML SkyCity Casino Rules?

SkyCity Casino

AML stands for Anti-money Laundering concerning the SkyCity Casino. The casino has a strict policy against using the money acquired for illegal purposes and ensuring that certain guidelines are followed by the guests.

Verifying the customers

The casino verifies the identity of all its guests and customers. They can seek more information if the customers want to become a member of their Premier rewards membership. This is done to keep a record of their AML rules.

When do they verify the identity?

The AML Act requires all the casinos to identify the identity of their customers provided the guests are indulged in transactions having a value of more than USD 6000. The sum may have been used in a single or a series of transactions.

Customers need to open a casino deposit account or QUICK Pay account with SkyCity to avail the membership. The guests are also obligated to update their information. For instance, they need to furnish an updated Photo Id, in case the last one has expired.

What is the Verification process?

The guests may furnish their current passport and New Zealand Driver License. SkyCity Casinos have their lists of state recognised documents that can be furnished in place of a passport or driver’s license. The SkyCity staff can provide you with the lists of documents.

AML SkyCity Casino

For opening a casino deposit account or QUICK Pay account, the casino will have to verify the guests’ residential address. The customer can supply their rent agreement, utility bills, etc, municipal taxes, etc. on his smartphone.

Why does Casino require you to provide your source of income?

The Anti Money Laundering or the Combating of Financial Terrorism Act requires that the casino should know the source of income of their guests. For instance, they can request a customer to provide proof of income if they wish to go on with a cash transaction or an electronic transfer of more than USD 6000.

If the customer is not satisfied with the furnished information, the customers can be asked to provide additional documents in the support of their source of income. This is done to ensure that the person is having sufficient collateral to pay off his gambling activities and to make sure that the money has not come from an illegal source.

The customer may not be able to enjoy all the services of the premium membership while his application is under process. The casino also doesn’t provide your information to any third party.

What documents may be eligible for submission?

Certain documents can be submitted to establish the legality of the source of income, such as: –

  • All the bank statements whether the current or saving account
  • Business account books to establish the ownership of business or profession
  • Receipt of payments whether physical or electronic

The SkyCity Casino endeavours to make the premises as safe as possible for their guests. Therefore, the verification process should be carried out with ease and full support.

Epic Things To Do In Auckland At Night

Skycity Auckland

When in New Zealand, Auckland is the place to be! Apart from being well known for its diversity, it’s got some of the most incredible architecture, some stunning landscapes, and amazing food as well. It’s truly a delight for lovers of art and culture.

It’s got a wide range of attractions for tourists. The city looks spectacular at night, and it has a vibrant, buzzing nightlife that you shouldn’t miss for the world! Here are 21 epic things you can do in Auckland at night:

Go to Auckland Stardome

If you love to gaze at the stars and contemplate the vastness of the cosmos, then make sure to Auckland Stardome. If you’re with your partner or girlfriend, it can actually be quite romantic! Also, if you are a hardcore fan of the famous English band Pink Floyd, you are in for luck. This place has the famous ‘The Pink Floyd Show’ every Tuesday.

Roam the Night Markets

Roam the Night Markets

This is the place to be for foodies! The people in New Zealand have a real, deep appreciation of flavors and cuisines. In these night markets, you will find some of the best-tasting food from various cuisines and cultures around the world. The live musicians playing in the background can make for quite an atmosphere as you enjoy the diversity of food options.

Shop in Commercial Bay

Commercial Bay is heaven for those who love everything to do with fashion. You’ve got all the popular brands and the latest fashion to check out and choose from. Once you’re done with your shopping spree, you can sit down at one of the many top-quality restaurants here and enjoy some authentic gourmet cuisine to end your night in a stylish way.

Shop in Commercial Bay

Go to Spookers

If you are a fan of horror movies and love everything paranormal, make your way to Spookers. It is a very popular theme park, and the people who work at this place are masters at what they do. You are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable time.

Make sure to go with a group of friends for the best experience. Try to take slow, gentle steps and keep your nerves calm as you make your way through a spooky forest or an eerie haunted house, or a scary cornfield.

Enjoy the View of Auckland from the Sky Tower

You haven’t really experienced Auckland unless you’ve made your way to the top of the sky tower and enjoyed the spectacular, panoramic views. Do not miss this place as it is one of the tallest structures in the world. You can also dine at the Sky Tower while enjoying the beautiful lights at night coming from the streets, passing vehicles, and buildings.

Try Night Canyoning at PIHA

Try Night Canyoning at PIHA

If you are daring and love to take on an adventure, head over to the coastal suburb of Piha. This place offers both day tours and night tours. However, there is something to be said about the beauty of gliding down the waterfalls at night time.

E-Sports Festival In Skycity Auckland

Skycity Auckland

The spectacular cove of internment and enjoyment in Auckland, i.e. SkyCity Auckland now houses an e-sports arena. The decision was made to go with the world’s trend. The SkyCity brand has joined hands with Let’s Play Live Media in this joint venture.

SkyCity has secured a 40% stake in the LLPM or Let’s Play Live Media. The LLPM is responsible for curating the county’s first e-sports broadcasting studio. The venue of the studio is the second level of the high-end Sky Tower. The Level 2 of the landmark was formerly called the XO Bar.

Skycity Auckland

Chief Executive of SkyCity entertainment, Graeme Stephens, told shareholders in their annual general meeting about how the arena will operate. E-sports games are events where players of video games compete against rivals in beating them in the game. It will be broadcasted to people on the casino premises.

Sonya Crosby is SkyCity’s chief innovation officer. The CFO believes that e-sports has been storming the world and its market and demand are increasing at an unprecedented speed. E-sports have an audience coming from all generations whether old or young and male or female. The entertainment giant has been exploring all the possibilities. The company finds the new venture as an exciting opportunity.


Skycity Auckland

The broadcasting studio will provide live streaming of events in 4K and high definition. The venture has obligated LLPM to film the live esports going in the SkyCity esports arena and the New Zealand International Convention Centre Theatre in Auckland. The company will install exclusive console booths to host esports events and companions. The games will be live-streamed to a large LED screen in the SkyCity Plaza. It is situated at the ground level of the Sky Tower.

The partnership between SkyCity and LLPM will ensure that all the events to be hosted in the esports arena and SkyCity plaza are family-friendly. The partnership will also extend its operations to include sites in Australia and New Zealand.

Skycity Auckland

The CFO also revealed that LLPM lead E Blacks will be responsible for promoting and sponsoring New Zealand’s best esports players to help them come to the centre of the world’s esports stage. It will see that talent coming from the grassroots is polished to cater to the pressure of professional gaming. Local tournaments and competitions would be held to identify the talent pool.

It is estimated that around 400 million people watch esports annually in the world. The announcement of the joint venture was like a silver lining in the cloud. The casino witnessed some problems due to traffic face-offs near its premises in Auckland.


Financially, the high roller business did not do well and weakening trading conditions also affected the overall mood. The net profit of the company was down by 69% to just 44 million. The revenue also dipped by 7% to close at USD 1 billion. The completion of the ICC or International Conference Centre in Auckland also got delayed adding further to their distress.

Top Festivals of Auckland New Zealand


What makes a country or a culture different from others and how are they recognised? The answer is simple. Each festival serves as a social and cultural identity of demography. So, let us find out what makes New Zealand different from others.

Pasifika Cultural Festival

Pasifika Cultural Festival

The festival is organised annually in the first week of March. The theme is based on New Zealand’s Pacific Island aboriginal groups. This is celebrated across the entire nation and is considered the biggest and best festival. People becoming a part of this celebration can experience and become aware of myriad cultures such as: –

  • Tahiti
  • Fiji
  • Hawaii
  • Aotearoa
  • Kiribati
  • Samoa
  • Tonga

The festival spans two days and is filled with exotic dance performances, inspiring art and music, and tasty local food events. More than 80,000 participate in the festival to make it nation’s pride and serve as an insignia of unity in diversity.

Auckland Lantern Festival

The Auckland Lantern Festival is organised between 13 to 16 February every year. The theme of the festival is to mark the Chinese New Year. The event is held in the famous landmark, Albert Park which is decorated and lit with thousands of lanterns and a beautiful show of fireworks on the fourth day to mark the conclusion of the festival of lights. People can treat their eyes with fireworks and their taste buds with different kinds of Chinese cuisine. You can also enjoy shows and acts on martial arts, cultural dances, opera, and live music performances. It is attended by Chinese locals and other people.

Parihaka International Peace Festival

The festival is celebrated in January to inspire people to live their life aligned with principles of non-violence and to encourage people to co-exist in harmony amongst people of different cultures, religions, and races. Parihaka is a Taranaki coastal Māori settlement. Its demography is appealing for its beauty made from the settling of volcanic lava eruptions. The infrastructure is humble where ethnic tribes dwell in harmony. The festival marks the start of the Kiwi summer with various events involving food, dance, and music.

The Māori Kai Festivals

You need to attend The coveted and traditional Māori Kai Festival if you are visiting New Zealand. It is a series of small festivals celebrated across different times of the year. The Maoris and their incredible culture are responsible for hosting all the events. The dishes served by the tribe are exquisite and a real feast. Cuisines such as wild pork, mountain oysters, mussels, kebabs, etc. are serviced with a locally brewed alcoholic drink. The tribe is extremely friendly and the festival allows mingling with them.

The Māori Kai Festivals

Womad Festival

WOMAD is an acronym for World of Music Arts and Dance. It hosts artists from all the countries to contribute to the celebration. Artists from various cultures arrive and show their talent for original folk art with their food. The festival is incredibly large and enjoyed by all New Zealanders.

Top Destinations for Sightseeing in Auckland


The city of Auckland leaves everyone awestruck as the place has so much to offer if you are willing to hop on a delightful adventure. To make your visit worthwhile we have created a list of places that you must visit and enjoy on your vacation in the ‘City of Sails’.

Sky Tower

The highest building in New Zealand is 328 meters high. You may reach the observation deck to experience the city’s skyline and panoramic view below. To make the trip more exciting, the tower has a skywalk platform sitting at 192 meters high around the tower’s pergola. Adventure seekers can go there to the sky jump filling them with a rush of adrenaline. The tower houses a restaurant and a gift shop to treat your taste buds and eyes.

Waitemata Harbour

The Waitemata Harbour seems to divide Auckland into two parts. Due to the advantage preferred by waterways and economic activities, Auckland was the capital of New Zealand till 1840, afterwards, it was switched to Wellington. You may rent a ferry to Hauraki Gulf islands for hiking and exploring nature. You may experience a burst of culture at Quay Street that runs alongside the harbour.

Auckland’s Harbour Bridge

The central harbour of Waitemata Harbour is central to Auckland’s Harbour Bridge. The one-kilometre-long bridge was erected in 1959 and sits at 43 meters high. It connects the heart of Auckland city and sandy beaches to the northern part. Observing the sea from the bridge is both scary and adventurous. For more thrill, you may bungee jump from it.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The building’s architecture appears to be inspired by Greek culture with its imposing pillars in the entrance. The landmark which is the highest point in Auckland’s geography was built in honour of soldiers of New Zealand who fought in World War I. It also houses some of the fascinating artefacts from the history of the country. By visiting the museum, people can get a glimpse of the change of culture in New Zealand depicting the Polynesian settlers up to this day. The exhibit also highlights the popular heritage of New Zealand.

One Tree Hill

The One Tree Hill or Maungakiekie is seen as the symbol of the city sitting at 182 meters. It is a part of the southwest corner the Cornwall Park. The slopes of the hill depict the ruins of Maori Pa. It was a village settlement on the hill during the pre-European era. The top of the hill is the grave of Sir John Logan who gifted the property to be used in public service. An Obelisk was erected to mark his largesse.

One Tree Hill

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is a part of the Hauraki Gulf islands. The island is home to 8000 people and has white sand beaches enlivening the ambience. The village is filled with art exhibits and cafes. People walk the 3-hour Church Bay circuit to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island. You can reach Waiheke Island by taking a ferry from the Prince Wharf.