Epic Things To Do In Auckland At Night

Skycity Auckland

When in New Zealand, Auckland is the place to be! Apart from being well known for its diversity, it’s got some of the most incredible architecture, some stunning landscapes, and amazing food as well. It’s truly a delight for lovers of art and culture.

It’s got a wide range of attractions for tourists. The city looks spectacular at night, and it has a vibrant, buzzing nightlife that you shouldn’t miss for the world! Here are 21 epic things you can do in Auckland at night:

Go to Auckland Stardome

If you love to gaze at the stars and contemplate the vastness of the cosmos, then make sure to Auckland Stardome. If you’re with your partner or girlfriend, it can actually be quite romantic! Also, if you are a hardcore fan of the famous English band Pink Floyd, you are in for luck. This place has the famous ‘The Pink Floyd Show’ every Tuesday.

Roam the Night Markets

Roam the Night Markets

This is the place to be for foodies! The people in New Zealand have a real, deep appreciation of flavors and cuisines. In these night markets, you will find some of the best-tasting food from various cuisines and cultures around the world. The live musicians playing in the background can make for quite an atmosphere as you enjoy the diversity of food options.

Shop in Commercial Bay

Commercial Bay is heaven for those who love everything to do with fashion. You’ve got all the popular brands and the latest fashion to check out and choose from. Once you’re done with your shopping spree, you can sit down at one of the many top-quality restaurants here and enjoy some authentic gourmet cuisine to end your night in a stylish way.

Shop in Commercial Bay

Go to Spookers

If you are a fan of horror movies and love everything paranormal, make your way to Spookers. It is a very popular theme park, and the people who work at this place are masters at what they do. You are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable time.

Make sure to go with a group of friends for the best experience. Try to take slow, gentle steps and keep your nerves calm as you make your way through a spooky forest or an eerie haunted house, or a scary cornfield.

Enjoy the View of Auckland from the Sky Tower

You haven’t really experienced Auckland unless you’ve made your way to the top of the sky tower and enjoyed the spectacular, panoramic views. Do not miss this place as it is one of the tallest structures in the world. You can also dine at the Sky Tower while enjoying the beautiful lights at night coming from the streets, passing vehicles, and buildings.

Try Night Canyoning at PIHA

Try Night Canyoning at PIHA

If you are daring and love to take on an adventure, head over to the coastal suburb of Piha. This place offers both day tours and night tours. However, there is something to be said about the beauty of gliding down the waterfalls at night time.

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