What are AML SkyCity Casino Rules?

SkyCity Casino

AML stands for Anti-money Laundering concerning the SkyCity Casino. The casino has a strict policy against using the money acquired for illegal purposes and ensuring that certain guidelines are followed by the guests.

Verifying the customers

The casino verifies the identity of all its guests and customers. They can seek more information if the customers want to become a member of their Premier rewards membership. This is done to keep a record of their AML rules.

When do they verify the identity?

The AML Act requires all the casinos to identify the identity of their customers provided the guests are indulged in transactions having a value of more than USD 6000. The sum may have been used in a single or a series of transactions.

Customers need to open a casino deposit account or QUICK Pay account with SkyCity to avail the membership. The guests are also obligated to update their information. For instance, they need to furnish an updated Photo Id, in case the last one has expired.

What is the Verification process?

The guests may furnish their current passport and New Zealand Driver License. SkyCity Casinos have their lists of state recognised documents that can be furnished in place of a passport or driver’s license. The SkyCity staff can provide you with the lists of documents.

AML SkyCity Casino

For opening a casino deposit account or QUICK Pay account, the casino will have to verify the guests’ residential address. The customer can supply their rent agreement, utility bills, etc, municipal taxes, etc. on his smartphone.

Why does Casino require you to provide your source of income?

The Anti Money Laundering or the Combating of Financial Terrorism Act requires that the casino should know the source of income of their guests. For instance, they can request a customer to provide proof of income if they wish to go on with a cash transaction or an electronic transfer of more than USD 6000.

If the customer is not satisfied with the furnished information, the customers can be asked to provide additional documents in the support of their source of income. This is done to ensure that the person is having sufficient collateral to pay off his gambling activities and to make sure that the money has not come from an illegal source.

The customer may not be able to enjoy all the services of the premium membership while his application is under process. The casino also doesn’t provide your information to any third party.

What documents may be eligible for submission?

Certain documents can be submitted to establish the legality of the source of income, such as: –

  • All the bank statements whether the current or saving account
  • Business account books to establish the ownership of business or profession
  • Receipt of payments whether physical or electronic

The SkyCity Casino endeavours to make the premises as safe as possible for their guests. Therefore, the verification process should be carried out with ease and full support.

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